Trend Profiteer is a Premium Trend Management software from the famous Michael Nurok.

This is an advanced Forex Signal System that analyses the market in-depth and sends you Buy/Sell indications. The coolest feature is that you can receive indications on your phone.



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Trend Management System

Trend Profiteer is a powerful tool especially for beginner forex traders to get consistent profits in the market movements. As a trader, you this system will let you know when exactly to buy or sell. TrendProfiteer is optimised for profits and there are plenty of positive trading proofs (see at the review page).


Trend Profiteer Features

Market Analysis – Trend Profiteer analyse the forex market from small duration to weekly time frames. This means you don’t have to keep starting at the charts in multiple monitors.

Identify Opportunities – Based on the market analysis, this system will identify potential buy or sell actions you make in order to gain profits. All this happens quickly so that you can get into the party before its too late.

Automation – Trend Profiteer support automation without compromising human supervision. You can configure the system according to your requirements.

Trend Profiteer Advantages

  • You can use the system irrespective of your current knowledge. It is okay if you are a complete newbie.
  • Your past failures or success doesn’t matter.
  • You can start with any amount of deposit. You don’t have to invest a huge amount of money.

How it works?

  1. You download the system to your computer
  2. Install the system in your computer (few minutes)
  3. Generate profits on forex market.


Trend Profiteer Package Contents

Trend Profiteer is a sophisticated forex trading system and includes various components. Here is the list of items you get when you purchase Trend Profiteer.

Premium Trade Management Tool

Trend Profiteer Premium Trade Management Software is the core of the system. This includes and Indicator and a trading assistant. This is probably the best trend and swing system in the market.

You get custom tailored trading indicators, advanced EA and mobile trading experience.

Trend Profiteer Trading Manual

This is a manual explaining the system in detail. It explains the indicators in the system and strategies you can use for profitable trading.

TrendProfiteer User Guides

Two user guides each for the Indicator and Trade assistant as mentioned in the main tool. These user guides will help you to make use of the system effectively and thereby creating a unique system for you.

Reference Guides

As the name says, these are quick reference guides about the various parameters used in the system. This could be really handy till you become familiar with the system. Again, there are two guides, one for the indicator and the other for the trading assistant.

Trend Profiteer Contents


Intelligence Dashboard – Dashboard with the live tracking of trend behavior on various intevals.

Quick Start Guides – An overall snapshot of the rules of the system. Something you can print and keep on your desk.

Training Video Course – 12 module step-by-step in-depth video trading course. Starting with introduction to forex market to advanced users of the system with trading examples

Bonuses – The system also comes with 10 Bonuses each worth about $77 to $97.


Trend Profiteer Pricing

Trend Profiteer Pricing

As mentioned in the above picture, the price of the system and bonuses is worth $13k+. However, the retail price of this forex system is just $997.

You also have option to buy as instalments of two payment or three payments.

The system also comes with a refund policy of 2 months. You can get your money back in case you don’t like the system.


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